Saturday, October 2, 2010

Calguns Forum Post Earlier Today

Here's the latest.

I should be getting a copy of the most recent draft of the legislation in the next 24 hours or so, and (with a little luck) will be able to post it up for criticism.

I talked at length with Gary over at the MSSA today and we've tentatively hashed out a course of action.

We (as in the volunteers working on the project) are incorporating a legal entity (should be done next week) and applying for tax exempt status. (which we may/may not get, but the application process will take a couple of months either way)... The purpose of incorporating this entity will be to allow us to solicit donations which we can use to advance the legislation in Montana. the short and the long of it is that we need to come up with at minimum 3K to cover the expenses of getting these two pieces of legislation into the system (Its going to eat up a LOT of Gary's time/gas/etc.. and in my opinion 3K is a very reasonable amount).

According to Gary The odds of the residency re-definition getting passed in the first legislative session are around 45% (it would have been 85% if we had been prepared in march) and the odds of the LEOSA permitting getting passed in the first legislative session are somewhat lower because of the controversial nature. however the odds of it being passed in the second legislative session are very very good. AND the odds of it being noticed by another state and adopted in the meantime are very good as well... lots of people look to Montana for leadership in the 2a fight, and this will likely resonate well... so there's an outside chance of this being a go in the next 4-7 months, and a very good chance of it happening in the next 2.5 years...

Good news for our limey friends (and any other legal green card holder) Gary actually liked the idea of allowing all legal (and properly documented) US residents to be deemed residents for the purpose of 922 and 921 (apparently a LOT of Brits keep hitting him up to come out and play with toys in Montana and he thinks it would be good to include them) it will make the language a bit harder to get correct, but its definitely do-able.

I need to come up with a name for the foundation, and a blurb about what we're all about for the paperwork (any ideas?).. once have the paperwork in hand for that I'll let people know where they can send the donations (with kess's permission of course)

We originally were thinking about approaching the calguns foundation or one of the others, but what we're looking to do is really far outside of what most groups charter provides for and they may not be able to help us out... so it makes sense to form our own little organization to undertake this project (and other projects like it)

So that's whats up.


  1. Not sure I follow but would like to offer some assistance; contact me at wildhawker at gmail dot com.

  2. Submitted this website and the discussion to the California Governors office for review. I expect this idea to fail.